How can we leverage technology to make this better? Isaac Salazar


Local Politechs Strategies is a full service technology consulting and strategy team. We specialize in what we call “Politechs” – the intersection of politics and technology – and provide technology solutions for political campaigns. Our solutions include web design & development; online organizing; and online advertising.

The Local Politechs team of strategists, designers, and developers has years of experience working on a variety campaigns. We have supported political and issue campaigns on a national, state, and local level. Our experience is broad and deep. We understand that while technology is an important component it’s just one of several programs that make up political campaigns and in order to win, you need to be able to work closely with field, research, communications, and fundraising. Our team has experience working with every aspect of a campaign.

Our clients trust us to provide valuable strategic advice and technology solutions for their political campaigns and we pride ourselves in earning that trust from our clients essay service.

Our technology solutions in web design & development; social media strategy, email advocacy, and online advertising. Our web design & development solutions range from designing logos to custom website templates and our developers have experience programming on a variety of open source platforms. began as a blog in April 2009 by Henri Makembe and Isaac Salazar about the intersection of technology and politics has evolved into a new technological approach to political campaigns.